Saturday, 1 December 2012

James Leslie and family

This is one of the newer stones in the graveyard but that doesn't mean it's easy to read. This is what I made of it:

loving memory of
James Leslie
died 14th Dec. 1931
aged 76 years
and his wife
Annie Milne Rennie (could also read Pennie)
died 13th Nov. 193(or 5)1
aged 72
also their son
died 18th Feb. 1901
aged 6 years.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Robert Ballantine and family

Another relatively modern stone and the text reads:

loving memory of
Robert Ballantine
died 10th Feb 1919
aged 62 years
and his wife
Margaret morton
died 24th Dec. 1940
aged 83 ytears
also his son
died 21st may 1913
aged 25 years
and their son
Robert Linton
died at Harrow, England
7th Jan 1957 aged 67 years
and his wife Elizabeth Dawson
died 20th Jan 1964 aged 69

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

John Porteous and family

This is one of the larger grave monuments in the graveyard. Here is the text:

loving remembrance of
Anne Gray
wife of
John Porteous
Townhead West Linton
who died 29th Jan'y 1876
aged 54 years
deeply regretted
also the above
John Porteous
who died at Norwich U.S.A.
21st Nov'r 1902 aged 78 years
Christine Porteous
thier daughter who died
at New York 30th May 1901(?)
aged 45 years
interred in Yantic Cemetary
Norwich Conn. USA

And on the pedestal:

Lead kindly light

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Archibald Alexander and family

Again this stone with it's splendid urn at the top is not shown at it's best due to the scaffolding and like the previous one it is also filled to the brim with inscriptions. And the men in this family all seemed to die very young. Could this be due to some inherited disease? Guess we will never know.
Here is the text:

In memory of
Archibald Alexander
who died Dec. 23 1861 aged 67(?)
his eldest son who died April 20, 1865, aged 35 (?)
his second son, who died Jan 23, 1870, aged 35
Archibald, son of the above W'm Alexander
who died in 1868, aged 6 (?) weeks
lying with his mother in the necropolis in Glasgow
Eliz'th Brown, wife of John Alexander
who died July 12 1872, aged 28 (?) 
his fourth son who died Oct 14 1885 aged 43
Bessie his daughter who died Nov (?) 18 (?) 1877
aged 14 months
Janet Snaipe
wife of Archibald Alexander senior
who died Nov 13 1894, aged 85 (?)
Helen White
wife of John Alexander
who died March 15 1908 aged 75
John Alexander
born 19th Oct. 1830, died 7th Feb. 1927 (?)

And on the pedestal:

Jesus said
I am the resurrection and the life etc.
John XI 25, 26

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

James Veitch and family

This obelisk tells a tragic tale of children dying young. Their father erected this monument for them and in the course of tiime his name too was added as were those of other family members. In fact there is so much text that every space has been used, right to the very bottom.

As you can see the church is wrapped in scaffolding at the moment which does nothing for the picture. If I remember I might photograph this one again when it has been removed.

Here is the text:

In memory of
Mary Veith
died 1st June 1866 (?)
aged 12 years
died 10th May 1887
aged 9 years
both interred at Leslie
also Jeanie
who died at Carlops
30th Nov. 1871
aged 9 years
their father
James Veitch
died 23rd August 1879
aged 56 years
James Brydon
died 12th Mary 1908
in his 40th year
David Alexander
died 12th Nov'r 1916
aged 45 years
Mary Alexander
wife of the above
James Veitch
died 23rd May 1921
aged 88 years
Margaret Alexander
daughter of the above
James Veitch died 8th
Oct. 1943 aged 67 years
Elizabeth Veitch
died 28th March 1939 (?)
aged 86 years.

erected by their father
James Veitch

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Robert Alexander and Margaret Jessie

It's not the photograph but the gravestone that's leaning over. It's located in the far corner of the graveyard near the church building and it reads:

loving memory of
Robert Alexander
died at West Linton
12th January 1932
and his wife
Margaret Jessie
died in Edinburgh
12th October 1958

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Adam Redpath and family

The text reads:

In loving memory of
Adam Redpath
who died at Carpet 6th Nov'r 1913
aged 86 years
Jane Mauchline
his wife who died 21st May 1914
aged 82 years
Alexander Sandilands
their son-in-law who died 14th Feb'r
1918 aged 54 years
Alicia Redpath
his wife who died 14th July 1954
aged 91 years.

On the pedestal it syas:  till the day dawns

Monday, 5 November 2012

James Weir and Catherine Core

Another stone which though relatively recent is difficult to read specially in sunny conditions. Here is the text:

In loving memory 
James Weir Core
Linton Cottage Farm
who died at Royal Infirmary
8th June 1915
Catherine Core
his sister
who died 24th July 1920
aged 70 years.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Harriet McDougall and William Paterson

This stone which tells a tragic tale of a young wife dead at 26 is set against the wall that separates the graveyard from the Main Street, West Linton. It's to your left when you are entering through the gate on the Main street. The text reads:

of Harriet McDougall
wife of William Paterson
who died 7th March 1869
aged 26 years
William Paterson
who died 17th March 1917
aged 75 years

Friday, 2 November 2012

Barbara Robertson

A very weathered stone which had some elaborate engraving at the top which can now hardly be seen. The text reads:

In loving memory of
my mother
Barbara Robertson
widow of Thomas Mowbray
who died 18th Feb. 1929
aged 74 years.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Andrew Clark and family

Sometimes the modern looking stones can prove just as hard to read as the older ones. And for them I am left to decipher them by myself as Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions restricts itself to pre 1855 inscriptions. Sometimes she seems to incorporate newer ones too but not this one. Here is the text to the best of my knowledge:

Erected by
Andrew Clark
in loving memory of
Barbara Lockin
his wife who died 3 (or 5) March 1907
aged 55 (or 6) years
the above Andrew Clark
died at Glenochar Elvanfoot
24th Decr 1916 (?) aged 71 years
also their children
John & William
who both died in infancy
also of
their beloved daughter who died 12 Nov
1912 aged 32 years

Monday, 29 October 2012

Thomas Bertram and Mary Moffat

This is a very small and unusual cross shaped stone. The inscription reads:

In loving memory of
Thomas Bertram
shepherd at Cairnmuir
who died at Lanark
18th April 1913 (?)
aged 78 years
and his wife
Mary Moffat
who died at Cairnmuir
18th Augt 1878 (or 3?)
aged 37 years.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

William Mill and family

As it was a lovely sunny although very cold day I spend part of the morning in the graveyard trying to catch up with more gravestones for this blog. There are still quite a few left to document! The above one which is situated towards the right and near the side wall is one of the older stones and the end of the engraving has become virtually unreadable. But fortunately Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions pre 1855 came to the rescue once again. This is the text:

Here lyes
Janet Mill daughter to
William Mill in Colly Burn
who died Sept 21 1784 aged
12 years. Also Elisabeth
who died Nov 7 1786 aged
16. Also Cristian Neil
his spouse who died 1
April 1791 aged 55 years
Also the above Willia....(the M seems to be missing)
Mill who .............

And the rest apparently said : died in Edinburgh Dec. 12 1811 aged 87.

I was particularly interested in the Colly Burn as this refers to the house that is our nearest neighbour and that is now known as Coalyburn. And this name of course refers to the mine workings that were here in the past and which still get inspected regularly by the British Coal Board which is responsible for them. The house that is there now is a modern one build no more than around 20 years or so ago, but there must have been an older residence there at some time. William Mill more than likely worked in the mine.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ebenezer Kay and Helen Simpson

This stone reads:

In loving memory of
Ebenezer Kay
who died at 
Kittleyknowe, Carlops
19th April 1912, aged 66 years
also his wife
Helen Simpson
who died at Brunston Mill, Joppa
8th August 1923, aged 83 years.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Thomas Collins and family

This gravestone can be found very close to the entrance to West Linton Graveyard from the Main Street on the right. Here is the text:

in loving remembrance of
Thomas Collins
who died May 9th 1874 aged 73 years
also Mary Dechman, his wife
who died Aug. 31st 1897, at Wellington
aged 91(?) years
and their family
Mary who died in infancy
James who died April 5th 1850 aged 19 years
buried in Peebles churchyard
Thomas who died April 7th 1868
aged 19 years
Helen (Nurse Ellen)
who died September 24th 1888
aged 55 years
Margaret Collins or Currie
died at Edinburgh 1916
aged 77 years
Janet Collins or Somerville

the text then continues on the base of the pedestal and says:
died at Peebles 3rd Oct. 1933 aged 88 years.

I'm assuming that the  alternative last names of the 2 daughters mentioned at the bottom are their married names.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

James Duniplace Smith and family

Yet again it's been awhile, due to the weather, my Mother's visit, the church being wrapped in scaffolding for the foreseeable future and today filming for a future television programme. I don't know what it is called but it will be broadcast some time next year and as part of it is being shot in the graveyard I'll keep a close eye out and will let you know!

But here is another stone for the moment. The words read:

In loving memory of
James Duniplace Smith
who died 2nd Feb 1813
aged 71 years
and his wife
Christina Anderson
who died 28th Jan 1938 (or 3?)
aged 89 years
also James Campbell
his eldest son who died 22nd Aug
1882, aged 5 years and 8 months
also William Duniplace
his third son who died 25th March
1936 aged 50 years
also Jane Anderson
his elder daughter, who died
19th Dec. 1967, aged 89 years.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

William Paterson and famiy

This is a much more modern gravestone in the graveyard and by the time the last person was buried there it was well into the 20th Century.

Here is the full text:

Erected by
William Peterson
farmer Felton
in loving memory of
Christina, his daughter
who died 12th Feb. 1909
aged 16 months
Also Jessie, his daughter
who died 16th Nov. 1912
aged 7 months
Also Marion Neilson, his wife
who died at East Kinleith, Currie
29th Dec. 1926 aged 57 years
The above
William Paterson
who died at Kirkton, Blackford
3rd Feb. 1950, aged 83 years.
Also Marion Semple
eldest daughter of above
who died in Canada, Aug. 1952
aged 51 years
Also their son James
who died 18th July 1988
aged 84 years.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rob Gilbert and family

Every gravestone tell a tragic tale of course, but this one is particularly poignant as it refers to a tragedy at sea. Here is the text:

Erected by
Rob Gilbert
In loving Memory of
his daughter Jeanie
who was drowned by the sinking
of the SS Drummond Castle
on 16th June 1896, aged 46 years
the above
Robert Gilbert
died at Hallmyre Cottages 5th Jan'y
1905, aged 80 years
Margaret Steele
his wife who died 7th Nov. 1912
aged 86 years.

From accounts elsewhere it appears that this tragedy happened on the 16th  June although it would have taken some time before Jeanie's parents were informed of the sinking of the SS Drummond Castle. The mail packet and passenger vessel  (built in 1881 in Govan, Glasgow) was on it's way from Cape Town to London when it got into difficulties, hit rocks near the coast of Brittany, France, and sank within the space of 4 minutes. Only 3 people out of  142 passengers and 101 crew were saved. It struck me as specially sad that Jeanie was apparently on her way back home when she so sadly perished. Where she had been and why are pieces of the puzzle that I'll probably never find out about.

Subsequently a book was written by Henri Queffelec called "Les iles de la misericorde" in which these tragic events were described in depth. Apparently the ship was sounding it's horn when it went down but because it disappeared so quickly under the waves French fishing boats coming to its rescue were at first unable to find the exact position.The French fishermen did rescue the 3 survivors as well as bringing back to shore many bodies of the drowned. Silver medals were struck with the approval of Queen Victoria as award for the Breton fishermen and other inhabitants of Brest, Ushant, and Molene who helped in rescuing the survivors  and in the recovery and burial of those lost. A total of 282 medals were struck. 

The wreck was re-discovered in the 30s by Italian divers and then again in 1979 when several objects were brought to the surface and they can now be seen in the museum in Molene. You can see a video and pictures of the wreck here. One simple gravestone but it has led me to research this sad event that I was completely unaware off. One of the reasons why I wanted to know more is that for more than 20 years John was in the Merchant Navy and for the last 2 years that he went away to sea back in the early eighties I sailed with him. Such tragedies still happen and they register on my radar when they do! In 1996 the people of Moshene and Ushant, a poor region of France, commemorated the centenary of this disaster as amongst the many shipwrecks along that coastline this had left the deepest mark, and graves of the victims abound in graveyards along the coast. So one graveyard in West Linton led me to another one in France pictures of which can be seen on the video mentioned above.

Since writing this post and doing some more research I've now bought a print about the disaster on Ebay as well as the book Les iles de la misericorde on Amazon! Somehow the story of the SS Drummond Castle has gripped me.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Marion Ritchie and the Renwick family

The bottom of this gravestone can no longer be deciphered and I'm indebted once again to Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions-pre 1855 for the details of the last person mentioned. Here is the full text from the top:

John and Archibald Renwick
in memory of
Marion Ritchie, their Mother
who died 13th January 1845
aged 62 years
William Renwick their brother
who died 1826 aged 6
Thomas Renwick
died 1863 aged 85.

I strongly suspect Thomas Renwick was their father and the husband of Marion although I don't know for sure as moss has covered the actual inscription at the bottom.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Peter Finlayson and family

Behind this beautifully carved stone lies a family tragedy of two children who died very young, one while fighting in the First World War. Here is the text:

Erected by Peter Finlayson
in loving memory
Helen Agnes
his daughter who died 8th Nov.
1912 aged 23 years
also Peter his son
who was killed in France 18th Nov
1916 aged 22 years
also the above
Peter Finlayson
who died 1st Feb 1934
aged 82 years
also his wife
Catherine Mitchell
who died 4th April 1939
aged 82 years
also Archibald his son
husband of Isabella Whitecross
who died 30th March 1940
aged 61 years.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

George Morris

This is a very small gravestone. I kneeled down to take the photograph so it's a bit deceptive.You can see it better size-wise on the banner above. But it's no higher than about 1M. It looks sad and forgotten somehow. Here is the inscription:

In memory of
George Morris
who died
25th Oct. 1896
aged 75.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fallen Over

As you can see it's no longer possible to read the description on this stone but I've used the little map in Sheila's A Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions to deduce who it belonged to. I'm not 100% certain though!

According to that information this gravestone belongs to James Moffat, who died 5th December 1862, aged 92 as well as to his wife Jane Lindsay, who died 24th June 1851, aged 70. Also their children Alexander, died 19th March 1849, aged 27, James, who died 21th February 1879, aged 64 and Jane, died 1st March 1910, aged 94.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

John ? and Isobel Grieve

Yet again it has been some time since I posted here and part of the reason is that the dull, grey and wet weather we're having this summer is making it very hard to read the engravings on the old stones. A bit of sunshine can be very illuminating but sadly that has been mainly absent. However here is one of the older stones in the graveyard and it is adorned with a very funny looking face or skull with above it the words Memento Mori.

Whatever text there was in addition to that has now been lost so I'm depending on Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Engravings for further information and even in her time there was not that much more. This is what she tells us it said:

Here lyes John.............(March) 1720 aged (62) and his wife Isobel Grieve died 7th February....aged (65).

Friday, 6 July 2012

John Fairbairn and family

Sorry I have been absent for a bit, life sort of got in the way and I had rather a lot of other things going on. But here is a relatively modern stone in the graveyard. The text reads:

in memory of
John Fairbairn
who did at Carpet 16th April 1876
aged 83 years
also his son
who died at Cowden Burn 28th March 1885
aged 37 years
and his wife
Helen Laidlaw
who died at Peebles 17th April 1894
aged 85 years
also their daughter
widow of William Laidlaw
who died at Peebles 14th May 1921
aged 80 years

Jesus said
I am the Resurrection and the life
he that believeth in my though he were
dead yet shall he live.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Janet Todd and Thomas Watson + family

This gravestone clearly demonstrates how families used the same plot going down the years. The inscription reads:

by Janet Todd
in memory of her husband
Thomas Watson
who died 18th June 1855 aged 70 years
Ann Watson her daughter
who died 28th Dec 1853 aged 46 years
also John Todd her brother
who died 23rd January 1857 aged 73 years
also the above
Janet Todd who died 9th April 1870 aged 85 years
Janet Watson her daughter
who died 29th November 1870 aged 53 years
Jane Watson her daughter 
who died 6th May 1893 aged 79 years
also Christina Watson, her daughter wife of
David Harkness, died 17th March 1899 aged 75 years
also Janet Callan her granddaughter
died 13th July 1908 aged 84 years.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Archibald Wilson

This is without doubt one of the most interesting gravestones in West Linton Graveyard. It portrays a man dressed in wonderful costume and cloak. The writing must once have been on the other side of the stone
as seen above but it has now entirely disappeared. In Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1850, it merely stated that it belongs to Archibald Wilson and as can still be seen, just underneath the crossbones, it dates back to 1705. I think the costume was contemporary to that time. Also note the splendid skull and spirals at the top and the very ornately carved pillars and garland. Whoever he might have been Archibald Wilson must have been very well-to-do. This gravestone required an expert mason who no doubt charged a pretty penny.
I'm almost sure he was the Archibald Wilson who was born in 1651 and had a wife called Margaret Hope (born in 1655) who are mentioned in archives here . The gravestone also get a mention on the ancient monuments Scotland site under West Linton. Can we see his face above? Sadly it has received a few dents over time but his wig still looks very impressive. This became my blip for today.
 The details of the carving are beautiful such as the shoe buckle above
and his fabulous costume down to the last button. He seems quite at peace with his folded hands. I wish I knew more about him but sadly this is not to be. However his amazing gravestone means that he won't be forgotten!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Alexander Denham

One of the older gravestones in the graveyard is adorned with lovely carving. Featuring a beautiful winged soul on the front where the inscription is. It says:
Here lyes the body of Alexander Denham tennant
in Combhouse who died June 22 175?, aged 66 years
and also Alexander Denham his son
who died October 6th 1760
aged 26 years

At the very bottom of the stone, almost overcome with lichen and moss some words can still be deciphered. I think they say: Mind sonstime runs death path.
Under that there is a Latin description of which very few words can still be read and from Googling that I have deduced the following. The Latin probably reads: via lethi semel est omnibus calcare?? The translation might well be: One night awaits all and must travel death path once.
And there might have been more on this side but if so it has disappeared forever. But don't you just love that cheeky face caught between the skull and the crossbones. Just who is this meant to be?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

John Smellie (I think!)

As you can see it's not longer possible to read the information on this gravestone as it has fallen over long ago. But it's situated right next to the Hunter grave monument (posted earlier) and that led me back to Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions and from that I am fairly sure that this stone belongs to John Smellie, tenant Soutmains, who died on the 27th October 1880 aged 69 as well as to his wife Margaret Brown who died 18th June 1843 aged 72. However at least one of these dates is almost surely wrong as otherwise Margaret must have married a veritable toybox with a 40 year age difference. This seems to be highly unlikely! Not impossible, I grant you, but sadly unless this stone gets back on its feet we'll never know.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Alexander F. Farquharson

Back iin action after several days being unable to blog because of a bug to do with using Internet Explorer as my browser. But the good news is that since yesterday we're finally on Broadband, even though it is by no means as fast as you would find in urban localities. However it's at least 7 times as fast my my dial-up so I'm definitely not complaining.

This is a relatively modern stone and with misleading information in Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions who insists the dates of Alexander and his wife are in the 1800s rather than the 1900s. The date of the death of the son alone should have informed her that the parents couldn't possible have died before they could have had a son!
Here is the inscriptions:

Erected to the memory of
Alexander F. Farquharson
who died at Lonely Bield
24th June 1908 aged 69 years
and Margaret Rodger his wife
who died 28th March 1925 (or8)
aged 87
also Andrew their son
who died 2nd January 1912
aged 45 years

Monday, 4 June 2012

Thomas Stodart and family

This stone too is located in the wall dividing the graveyard from the Main Street in West Linton. The text says:

to the memory of
Thomas Stodart
tenant of Whitfield who died
at Kilcreggan 20th Jan 1879 aged 77
Robina Ker Aitchison his wife
who died 4th Sep 1880 aged 72
George Stodart eldest son of
T. Stodart Whitfield
who died the 11th June 1846
aged 15 years
Mary Aitchison
eldest daughter of T. Stodart
died on the 28th October 1851
aged 22

And at the bottom:
Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, 1 June 2012

William Hunter and family

What with one thing or another it has been quite some time since I spend time in the graveyard to continue my work of photographing and documenting all the gravestones. Since I was last there the surrounding walls have become a riot of colour which makes the graveyard look even lovelier.

This stone is set against the wall dividing the graveyard from the Main Street and the inscription reads as follows:
In loving memory
William Hunter
farmer Tarfhaugh
who died 25th june 1894
aged 84 years
Janet Smellie
his wife who died 3rd Dec'r 1879
aged 71 years
Also Walter, their son
farmer Noblehall who died 12th Oct
1919 aged 75 years
also Margaret Tweeddale
wife of the above Walter, died
at Auchrannie 26th July 1939
aged 80 years
also Margaret their daughter
who died 7th September 1920
aged 74 years
also Mary Tweeddale
daughter of the above Walter
who died 26th February 1969
aged 78
also William son of the above Walter
who died 4th January 1973
aged 90 years.

This last is written on the pedastal, as the stone was full.

Here is a detailed picture of the lovely flower cascade right next to this stone. It also became my blip for today.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Laing family

Some of the gravestones in the graveyard are quite sober, no decoration at all, only the inscriptions. When I first started to document the stones it was the imagery on them that attractedf me but over time I have come to appreciate the text just as much. This stone is no longer readable towards the bottom but the text from the top that can still be read says:

to the memory of
Robert Laing let Gard
ner of Spittelhaugh who
died December 26th 1810 aged
65 years          also
Elizabeth Laing who died
14th December 1788 aged 11 months also
George Laing who died 14th April 1804
aged 23 years. Also four grand child
ren who died in their infancy
The gravestone is located very close to the Spittlehaugh mausoleum building in the graveyard, and perhaps the stone was paid for by his employers there.
There is also text on the reverse of the stone which can be seen above. It says as best as I can decipher it:

In memory of
George Laing, born 1858, died 1905
George Laing his father died 1893
Jess Tait his mother died 1901
John Laing his grandfather died 1855
Helen Ranken Cairns his aunt died 1891
Charles Ranken Laing his uncle died 1892
and their relatives.

I'm guessing here but surmise that the grandfather was a son of the Robert Laing mentioned on the other side of the stone. And there must be some relationship with  some of the people mentioned within the Spilttlehaugh enclosure (see a previous post here). Am I being very romantic in imagining the great something grandson of the gardener eventually married a great something granddaughter of the landowner?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Lawson family

This gravestone has lost its top which is laying behind it on the ground  (see below)and the words Erected in memory of can just be seen. It tells a tale of tragic loss of many children, which explains the inscription on the pedestal. Here comes the text:

Thomas Lawson who died
at Waterside 31st January 1852 aged 66 years
Mary Ritchie his wife who died at
Boghowse 24th March 1872 aged 60  years
Marion, Helen and Jane
who died in the prime of life. Also
George and John Lawson
who died in youth. Also
Helen granddaughter who died in infancy.
Archibald Lawson died at Edinburgh
18th March 1879 aged 52 years
and Charlotte Dunlop his wife
who died 27th June 1917 aged 80 years
also the children of Archibald
and Charlotte Lawson. Thomas Ritchie who
died at Kirkhill 12th May 1868 aged 6 months
Alexander Dunlop who died at Edinburgh
12 September 1870 aged 3 years
and Mary Ritchie who died at Edinburgh
6th July 1875 aged 6 years
Charles Archibald died 25th February 1877 aged 2 years
Marion Thomson died 5th November 1922

Finally on the bottom there is the following verse:

Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not
for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

John Gray and family

It has been some time since I went to the graveyard to document some more graves and I took Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1855, by Sheila A Scott with me to find some of the gravestones she mentions and that I hadn't seen yet myself. I found several today and for the one above I'm also indebted to the book for the full text as it's been eroded by wind and weather and some parts were very difficult to decifer. Here is the inscription:

to the memory
of John Gray late overseer
Whim who died April 1794 Aged
50 years. And of Jean White
his wife who died April 1819 Aged
67 years. And of Ann Gray their
daughter who died September 1821
Aged 28 years. And of Rachel
and Jean who died in infancy.
Also  William died Brimmershall estate St Mary's
Jamaica on 16th November 18?? aged 40
being absent 20 years from Scotland.

A blessed eternity we hope
with God in heaven to spend
where congregations never break up
and Sabbath never ends

as a tribute of gratitude to
his parents by John Gray overseer
Barrock Lodge county Cumberland

Apparently there was more text that has now disappeared below ground and according the Sheila A Scott's book it said: John Tweedie their grandson, died 4th March 1830 aged 14.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mary and Robert Porteous

Another sad example of children dying while still in their infancy can be read on this stone set into the outside wall of one of the mausolea in the graveyard. The text reads:

in memory of
Mary and Robert
Porteous who died
in West Linton
Mary aged 3 years
and Robert one.

Be ye also ready


Friday, 11 May 2012

John Hogg Todd and family

This relatively modern stone located close to the side wall of the graveyard tells a sad tale. Here is the full text:
In loving memory of
John Hogg Todd
shepherd Hareshaw
who died 1st March 1812
aged 59 years
Rachael Cowan
his wife
who died 4th March 1895
aged 36 years
their son died 10th Sep 1887
aged 10 months

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Walter Brydon and Margaret Henderson

Here is another of the more recent gravestones in the graveyard. The text reads as follows;
loving memory
Walter Brydon
son-in-law of
Arch'd Henderson
who died 30th Nov 1925
aged 59 years
Marg't C. Henderson
wife of the above
Walter Brydon
who died 2nd March 1944
aged 73 years.

Monday, 7 May 2012

William White and Mary Falconer

A relatively recent stone and one referring to a cottage (Deepsykehead) not far from us, in the same lane. You can see how it is positioned in the graveyard relative to the church just visible on the left.

The text reads:
loving memory of
William White
who died at Deepsykehead
26th Jan'y 1912
aged 67 years
Mary Falconer
his wife who died at
Rachan Cottages, Broughton
25th Feb 1922, aged 76 years

Sunday, 6 May 2012

John Kirk and Agnes Dickson

This stone is very weathered although the text remains clear. It reads as follows:

John Kirk
in memory of
his dearly beloved wife
Agnes Dickson
who died at Deanfoot
on the 24th April 1892
aged 62 years
Also the above
John Kirk
who died 12th Nov 1910
aged 77 years.

Not lost but gone before.

Friday, 4 May 2012

William Alexander of Leith and family

There are only 2 plaques set into the wall separating West Linton Graveyard from neighbouring houses and this is the second one. The text is very difficult (and in some places impossible) to read so I'm indebted to Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1850 for the full information to be found on this one.

It says:
Erected by
William Alexander Leith
in memory of Jean Dickson his mother
died Carlops 25th March 1810, aged 35 years
Also Elizabeth his daughter
died at Leith 2nd February 1839 aged 3 years
William Alexander merchant there
died 2nd March 1851 aged 48


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

James Sanderson and family

Another impressive obelisk in the graveyard which has the following text;

In memory of
James Sanderson
Blyth Bank
born 12th August 1793
died 14th May 1868
Also of
William his son
born 9th January 1835
died 22nd July 1835
Mary Sanderson
wife of Wm Shanks
died 12th Feb 1868
aged 27
buried in Paisly
Grace Sanderson
wife of
John Gibson died
1st August 1869 aged 39
buried in Pittenmain
Margaret Sanderson
wife of
Frederick Heggie
died 11th July aged 36
buried at Kirkcaldy
Mary Wyper wife of
James Sanderson who
died at Trinity 16th August
1886 aged 87 years

It looks like somehow the year of death for Margaret SAnderson was overlooked in the engraving. Probably an oversight by the stonemason who did the work.

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Alexander family

Located very close to the wall of the church is this impressive grave monument that serves to commemorate many members of the Alexander family. The text is divided into two colums.

At the top it says:

In memory of

And then on the left hand side the text reads:

Agnes Mitchell
wife of
Robert Alexander
died 25th April 1878
aged 60 (?) years
the above
Robert Alexander
butcher West Linton
died 27th Nov. 1882
aged 66 years
their daughter
died 17th January 1916
aged 72 years
thier son
died 7th May 1917
aged 69 years

On the right-hand side the text says:

Christine Lawson
wife of
John Alexander
died 9th Sept 1866
aged 22 years
interred in Dalry Cemetary
the above
John Alexander
joiner West Linton
died 4th May 1893
aged 65 years
Mary Ritchie
their daughter
died 10th April 1920
aged 50 years
Agnes Mitchell
their daughter
died 30th January 1937