Monday, 15 October 2012

Thomas Collins and family

This gravestone can be found very close to the entrance to West Linton Graveyard from the Main Street on the right. Here is the text:

in loving remembrance of
Thomas Collins
who died May 9th 1874 aged 73 years
also Mary Dechman, his wife
who died Aug. 31st 1897, at Wellington
aged 91(?) years
and their family
Mary who died in infancy
James who died April 5th 1850 aged 19 years
buried in Peebles churchyard
Thomas who died April 7th 1868
aged 19 years
Helen (Nurse Ellen)
who died September 24th 1888
aged 55 years
Margaret Collins or Currie
died at Edinburgh 1916
aged 77 years
Janet Collins or Somerville

the text then continues on the base of the pedestal and says:
died at Peebles 3rd Oct. 1933 aged 88 years.

I'm assuming that the  alternative last names of the 2 daughters mentioned at the bottom are their married names.

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Linda said...

There are 2 for October I haven't read. The families endured a lot of loss. Looks like most of their children died before they did. Makes a person sad.