Thursday, 19 February 2015


It's Thursday and that means the ThursdayDereliction challenge for the Blipfoto site. As we needed to to into West Linton I decided to pay a visit to my old haunts in the graveyard. It's been a very long time (more than a year) since I last updated this blog although I have been in the graveyard since then. I usually pop in whenever I have a spare minute when I'm in the village. Most of the gravestones have now been documented but I must make sure I haven't missed any, one of these days.

Sadly dereliction is easy to find as the gravestones have deteriorated a lot since my first visit many years ago. Above the entrance to the Douglas mausoleum.
And I feel it won't be too much longer before this lovely monument will topple over. It was erected by William C. Oliver in memory of his daughter Isabella Oliver who died 12 July 1856 aged 40. You can read about it on the West Linton graveyard blog here.  This will become my blip today after I have converted it digitally into a black and white image.
 This gravestone has already bitten the dust in more ways than one. 
And sadly we will probably never know who lies buried here. Although the metal has survived, the inscription has not.
This cross too has fallen down although all the inscriptions on the stones still make it clear whose grave monument this was.