Sunday, 18 November 2012

Archibald Alexander and family

Again this stone with it's splendid urn at the top is not shown at it's best due to the scaffolding and like the previous one it is also filled to the brim with inscriptions. And the men in this family all seemed to die very young. Could this be due to some inherited disease? Guess we will never know.
Here is the text:

In memory of
Archibald Alexander
who died Dec. 23 1861 aged 67(?)
his eldest son who died April 20, 1865, aged 35 (?)
his second son, who died Jan 23, 1870, aged 35
Archibald, son of the above W'm Alexander
who died in 1868, aged 6 (?) weeks
lying with his mother in the necropolis in Glasgow
Eliz'th Brown, wife of John Alexander
who died July 12 1872, aged 28 (?) 
his fourth son who died Oct 14 1885 aged 43
Bessie his daughter who died Nov (?) 18 (?) 1877
aged 14 months
Janet Snaipe
wife of Archibald Alexander senior
who died Nov 13 1894, aged 85 (?)
Helen White
wife of John Alexander
who died March 15 1908 aged 75
John Alexander
born 19th Oct. 1830, died 7th Feb. 1927 (?)

And on the pedestal:

Jesus said
I am the resurrection and the life etc.
John XI 25, 26

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