Friday, 8 June 2012

Alexander F. Farquharson

Back iin action after several days being unable to blog because of a bug to do with using Internet Explorer as my browser. But the good news is that since yesterday we're finally on Broadband, even though it is by no means as fast as you would find in urban localities. However it's at least 7 times as fast my my dial-up so I'm definitely not complaining.

This is a relatively modern stone and with misleading information in Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions who insists the dates of Alexander and his wife are in the 1800s rather than the 1900s. The date of the death of the son alone should have informed her that the parents couldn't possible have died before they could have had a son!
Here is the inscriptions:

Erected to the memory of
Alexander F. Farquharson
who died at Lonely Bield
24th June 1908 aged 69 years
and Margaret Rodger his wife
who died 28th March 1925 (or8)
aged 87
also Andrew their son
who died 2nd January 1912
aged 45 years

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