Wednesday, 14 November 2012

James Veitch and family

This obelisk tells a tragic tale of children dying young. Their father erected this monument for them and in the course of tiime his name too was added as were those of other family members. In fact there is so much text that every space has been used, right to the very bottom.

As you can see the church is wrapped in scaffolding at the moment which does nothing for the picture. If I remember I might photograph this one again when it has been removed.

Here is the text:

In memory of
Mary Veith
died 1st June 1866 (?)
aged 12 years
died 10th May 1887
aged 9 years
both interred at Leslie
also Jeanie
who died at Carlops
30th Nov. 1871
aged 9 years
their father
James Veitch
died 23rd August 1879
aged 56 years
James Brydon
died 12th Mary 1908
in his 40th year
David Alexander
died 12th Nov'r 1916
aged 45 years
Mary Alexander
wife of the above
James Veitch
died 23rd May 1921
aged 88 years
Margaret Alexander
daughter of the above
James Veitch died 8th
Oct. 1943 aged 67 years
Elizabeth Veitch
died 28th March 1939 (?)
aged 86 years.

erected by their father
James Veitch

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Anonymous said...

My name is Christine Veitch and my 2x great grandfather was James Veitch. I didn't know about the family Veitch obelisk at West Linton cemetery but thanks to seeing the photo of it as well as all the family names I plan to take a visit to the cemetery. James Veitch and his wife Mary were the proprietors of the Allan Ramsay Inn, Carlops.
Many thanks, Christine Veitch