Saturday, 24 November 2012

Robert Ballantine and family

Another relatively modern stone and the text reads:

loving memory of
Robert Ballantine
died 10th Feb 1919
aged 62 years
and his wife
Margaret morton
died 24th Dec. 1940
aged 83 ytears
also his son
died 21st may 1913
aged 25 years
and their son
Robert Linton
died at Harrow, England
7th Jan 1957 aged 67 years
and his wife Elizabeth Dawson
died 20th Jan 1964 aged 69

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

John Porteous and family

This is one of the larger grave monuments in the graveyard. Here is the text:

loving remembrance of
Anne Gray
wife of
John Porteous
Townhead West Linton
who died 29th Jan'y 1876
aged 54 years
deeply regretted
also the above
John Porteous
who died at Norwich U.S.A.
21st Nov'r 1902 aged 78 years
Christine Porteous
thier daughter who died
at New York 30th May 1901(?)
aged 45 years
interred in Yantic Cemetary
Norwich Conn. USA

And on the pedestal:

Lead kindly light

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Archibald Alexander and family

Again this stone with it's splendid urn at the top is not shown at it's best due to the scaffolding and like the previous one it is also filled to the brim with inscriptions. And the men in this family all seemed to die very young. Could this be due to some inherited disease? Guess we will never know.
Here is the text:

In memory of
Archibald Alexander
who died Dec. 23 1861 aged 67(?)
his eldest son who died April 20, 1865, aged 35 (?)
his second son, who died Jan 23, 1870, aged 35
Archibald, son of the above W'm Alexander
who died in 1868, aged 6 (?) weeks
lying with his mother in the necropolis in Glasgow
Eliz'th Brown, wife of John Alexander
who died July 12 1872, aged 28 (?) 
his fourth son who died Oct 14 1885 aged 43
Bessie his daughter who died Nov (?) 18 (?) 1877
aged 14 months
Janet Snaipe
wife of Archibald Alexander senior
who died Nov 13 1894, aged 85 (?)
Helen White
wife of John Alexander
who died March 15 1908 aged 75
John Alexander
born 19th Oct. 1830, died 7th Feb. 1927 (?)

And on the pedestal:

Jesus said
I am the resurrection and the life etc.
John XI 25, 26

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

James Veitch and family

This obelisk tells a tragic tale of children dying young. Their father erected this monument for them and in the course of tiime his name too was added as were those of other family members. In fact there is so much text that every space has been used, right to the very bottom.

As you can see the church is wrapped in scaffolding at the moment which does nothing for the picture. If I remember I might photograph this one again when it has been removed.

Here is the text:

In memory of
Mary Veith
died 1st June 1866 (?)
aged 12 years
died 10th May 1887
aged 9 years
both interred at Leslie
also Jeanie
who died at Carlops
30th Nov. 1871
aged 9 years
their father
James Veitch
died 23rd August 1879
aged 56 years
James Brydon
died 12th Mary 1908
in his 40th year
David Alexander
died 12th Nov'r 1916
aged 45 years
Mary Alexander
wife of the above
James Veitch
died 23rd May 1921
aged 88 years
Margaret Alexander
daughter of the above
James Veitch died 8th
Oct. 1943 aged 67 years
Elizabeth Veitch
died 28th March 1939 (?)
aged 86 years.

erected by their father
James Veitch

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Robert Alexander and Margaret Jessie

It's not the photograph but the gravestone that's leaning over. It's located in the far corner of the graveyard near the church building and it reads:

loving memory of
Robert Alexander
died at West Linton
12th January 1932
and his wife
Margaret Jessie
died in Edinburgh
12th October 1958

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Adam Redpath and family

The text reads:

In loving memory of
Adam Redpath
who died at Carpet 6th Nov'r 1913
aged 86 years
Jane Mauchline
his wife who died 21st May 1914
aged 82 years
Alexander Sandilands
their son-in-law who died 14th Feb'r
1918 aged 54 years
Alicia Redpath
his wife who died 14th July 1954
aged 91 years.

On the pedestal it syas:  till the day dawns

Monday, 5 November 2012

James Weir and Catherine Core

Another stone which though relatively recent is difficult to read specially in sunny conditions. Here is the text:

In loving memory 
James Weir Core
Linton Cottage Farm
who died at Royal Infirmary
8th June 1915
Catherine Core
his sister
who died 24th July 1920
aged 70 years.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Harriet McDougall and William Paterson

This stone which tells a tragic tale of a young wife dead at 26 is set against the wall that separates the graveyard from the Main Street, West Linton. It's to your left when you are entering through the gate on the Main street. The text reads:

of Harriet McDougall
wife of William Paterson
who died 7th March 1869
aged 26 years
William Paterson
who died 17th March 1917
aged 75 years

Friday, 2 November 2012

Barbara Robertson

A very weathered stone which had some elaborate engraving at the top which can now hardly be seen. The text reads:

In loving memory of
my mother
Barbara Robertson
widow of Thomas Mowbray
who died 18th Feb. 1929
aged 74 years.