Tuesday, 15 May 2012

John Gray and family

It has been some time since I went to the graveyard to document some more graves and I took Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1855, by Sheila A Scott with me to find some of the gravestones she mentions and that I hadn't seen yet myself. I found several today and for the one above I'm also indebted to the book for the full text as it's been eroded by wind and weather and some parts were very difficult to decifer. Here is the inscription:

to the memory
of John Gray late overseer
Whim who died April 1794 Aged
50 years. And of Jean White
his wife who died April 1819 Aged
67 years. And of Ann Gray their
daughter who died September 1821
Aged 28 years. And of Rachel
and Jean who died in infancy.
Also  William died Brimmershall estate St Mary's
Jamaica on 16th November 18?? aged 40
being absent 20 years from Scotland.

A blessed eternity we hope
with God in heaven to spend
where congregations never break up
and Sabbath never ends

as a tribute of gratitude to
his parents by John Gray overseer
Barrock Lodge county Cumberland

Apparently there was more text that has now disappeared below ground and according the Sheila A Scott's book it said: John Tweedie their grandson, died 4th March 1830 aged 14.

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