Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Janet Todd and Thomas Watson + family

This gravestone clearly demonstrates how families used the same plot going down the years. The inscription reads:

by Janet Todd
in memory of her husband
Thomas Watson
who died 18th June 1855 aged 70 years
Ann Watson her daughter
who died 28th Dec 1853 aged 46 years
also John Todd her brother
who died 23rd January 1857 aged 73 years
also the above
Janet Todd who died 9th April 1870 aged 85 years
Janet Watson her daughter
who died 29th November 1870 aged 53 years
Jane Watson her daughter 
who died 6th May 1893 aged 79 years
also Christina Watson, her daughter wife of
David Harkness, died 17th March 1899 aged 75 years
also Janet Callan her granddaughter
died 13th July 1908 aged 84 years.

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