Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Laing family

Some of the gravestones in the graveyard are quite sober, no decoration at all, only the inscriptions. When I first started to document the stones it was the imagery on them that attractedf me but over time I have come to appreciate the text just as much. This stone is no longer readable towards the bottom but the text from the top that can still be read says:

to the memory of
Robert Laing let Gard
ner of Spittelhaugh who
died December 26th 1810 aged
65 years          also
Elizabeth Laing who died
14th December 1788 aged 11 months also
George Laing who died 14th April 1804
aged 23 years. Also four grand child
ren who died in their infancy
The gravestone is located very close to the Spittlehaugh mausoleum building in the graveyard, and perhaps the stone was paid for by his employers there.
There is also text on the reverse of the stone which can be seen above. It says as best as I can decipher it:

In memory of
George Laing, born 1858, died 1905
George Laing his father died 1893
Jess Tait his mother died 1901
John Laing his grandfather died 1855
Helen Ranken Cairns his aunt died 1891
Charles Ranken Laing his uncle died 1892
and their relatives.

I'm guessing here but surmise that the grandfather was a son of the Robert Laing mentioned on the other side of the stone. And there must be some relationship with  some of the people mentioned within the Spilttlehaugh enclosure (see a previous post here). Am I being very romantic in imagining the great something grandson of the gardener eventually married a great something granddaughter of the landowner?

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It's a nice thought and not entirely impossible!