Friday, 1 June 2012

William Hunter and family

What with one thing or another it has been quite some time since I spend time in the graveyard to continue my work of photographing and documenting all the gravestones. Since I was last there the surrounding walls have become a riot of colour which makes the graveyard look even lovelier.

This stone is set against the wall dividing the graveyard from the Main Street and the inscription reads as follows:
In loving memory
William Hunter
farmer Tarfhaugh
who died 25th june 1894
aged 84 years
Janet Smellie
his wife who died 3rd Dec'r 1879
aged 71 years
Also Walter, their son
farmer Noblehall who died 12th Oct
1919 aged 75 years
also Margaret Tweeddale
wife of the above Walter, died
at Auchrannie 26th July 1939
aged 80 years
also Margaret their daughter
who died 7th September 1920
aged 74 years
also Mary Tweeddale
daughter of the above Walter
who died 26th February 1969
aged 78
also William son of the above Walter
who died 4th January 1973
aged 90 years.

This last is written on the pedastal, as the stone was full.

Here is a detailed picture of the lovely flower cascade right next to this stone. It also became my blip for today.

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