Saturday, 28 July 2012

John ? and Isobel Grieve

Yet again it has been some time since I posted here and part of the reason is that the dull, grey and wet weather we're having this summer is making it very hard to read the engravings on the old stones. A bit of sunshine can be very illuminating but sadly that has been mainly absent. However here is one of the older stones in the graveyard and it is adorned with a very funny looking face or skull with above it the words Memento Mori.

Whatever text there was in addition to that has now been lost so I'm depending on Sheila A. Scott's book Peeblesshire Monumental Engravings for further information and even in her time there was not that much more. This is what she tells us it said:

Here lyes John.............(March) 1720 aged (62) and his wife Isobel Grieve died 7th February....aged (65).

Friday, 6 July 2012

John Fairbairn and family

Sorry I have been absent for a bit, life sort of got in the way and I had rather a lot of other things going on. But here is a relatively modern stone in the graveyard. The text reads:

in memory of
John Fairbairn
who did at Carpet 16th April 1876
aged 83 years
also his son
who died at Cowden Burn 28th March 1885
aged 37 years
and his wife
Helen Laidlaw
who died at Peebles 17th April 1894
aged 85 years
also their daughter
widow of William Laidlaw
who died at Peebles 14th May 1921
aged 80 years

Jesus said
I am the Resurrection and the life
he that believeth in my though he were
dead yet shall he live.