Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Alexander Denham

One of the older gravestones in the graveyard is adorned with lovely carving. Featuring a beautiful winged soul on the front where the inscription is. It says:
Here lyes the body of Alexander Denham tennant
in Combhouse who died June 22 175?, aged 66 years
and also Alexander Denham his son
who died October 6th 1760
aged 26 years

At the very bottom of the stone, almost overcome with lichen and moss some words can still be deciphered. I think they say: Mind sonstime runs death path.
Under that there is a Latin description of which very few words can still be read and from Googling that I have deduced the following. The Latin probably reads: via lethi semel est omnibus calcare?? The translation might well be: One night awaits all and must travel death path once.
And there might have been more on this side but if so it has disappeared forever. But don't you just love that cheeky face caught between the skull and the crossbones. Just who is this meant to be?

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