Monday, 27 February 2012

William Sanderson

This stone is hard to read and even when Sheila A. Scott composed her book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1855, in 1971 the full text was apparently partly gone already. Here is what is still clear:

Hear(!) lyes the body of

William Sanderson, who

died the 9th June 1787 aged 75

years and H.......

his spouse who died ..............

aged 57 years

Betty Sanderson

There is no indication of how Betty Sanderson is related to William and his wife but my guess would be daughter. There are no dates related to her and it doesn't look as if there ever were.
As you can see this gravestone is located very close to the memorial to the poet Robert Sanderson which makes me suspect there is a family connection. You can see Robert's portrait just peeking up above this one.

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Tommy Butler said...

Hi thanks for the info on website. my past relations are William Sanderson who married Mary Paterson daughter of George Paterson in 1794 in slipperfield West Linton. Think William and Betty might be long lost relations to us. also the Patersons you have mention.


Tommy Butler Glasgow