Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tod and Garnock

As you can see the beautifully sculpted top of this gravestone has come off and is now resting in front of the stone itself. It must have been a very impressive monument in its day with elegant pillars down the side. I think the family must have a connection with the one in an earlier blogpost here.

Here is the text as I read it:

Sacred to the memory of

John Garnock Tod

beloved son of William Tod

who died 27th May 1920

aged 44 years

William Tod, died 21st May 1925

for 34 years

keeper of North Esk Reservoir

aged 73 years

David Garnock

son of John Garnock

died 31st July 1924, aged 74 years

Margaret Farquhar

wife of David Garnock

interred in Old Deer Churchyard

16th June 1927

Katherine Graham Garnock

widow of H.J. Forer (?)

died 29th Feb 1932

interred Dean Cemetary

Maria Theresa B. Garnock

widow of William Tod

died 4th August 1936 aged 84.

The position of keeper of the North Esk Reservoir seems to have been a heriditary one, passing from father to son.

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