Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Dunlop family

This is another of the more impressive memorial stones in the graveyard, and there are so many family members here that the stone has been divided in two colums to accommodate them all. I will start with the text on the left hand side. Here it is:

In memory of

Marion Dunlop

who died at Abington

8th Dec. 1860

aged 3 years and 4 months


John T. Dunlop

who died at Loanhead

11th June 1875 aged 8 years


Jessie A. Dunlop

who died at Loanhead

2nd December 1917

aged 56 years

also Jane Dunlop

who died at West Linton

27th January 1947

aged 91 years


A. Louden Dunlop

grandson of the said Alexander Dunlop

who died 6th may 1972

On the right hand side of the stone it reads:

Janet Brown

wife of Alexander Dunlop

who died at Loanhead

22nd April 1884

aged 51 years

the above

Alexander Dunlop

who died at Loanhead

25th June 1914(?)

aged 82 years


Walter R. Scott M.A.

his grandson who fell

in action near Yeres

12th June 1917

aged 24 years


Elizabeth W. W. Dunlop

who died at Glasgow

28th June 1962

aged 90 years

At the foot of the monument sits a black urn which says as best as I can tell:

also his wife (no idea whose wife!)

Polly Wai Seong


nee Tham

died 20 (?) October..............

I try as much as possible not to disturb anything in the graveyard even to read text better but I might give this urn another go in the summer to see if I can ascentain the exact dates on this urn.


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