Friday, 5 August 2011

Robert Sanderson

It's a monument that catches your eye as soon as you enter West Linton graveyard from the Main Street. It's more a memorial stone than a gravestone but as it's so prominent I wanted to include it.

The text reads as follows:

Robert Sanderson

Poet and Patriot

Born in Linton, 10th

November 1836 where

he lived till he died

20th September 1902

Erected by many Friends

as a Token of Affection

and Admiration 1929

I have been unable to far to find out much information about Robert Sanderson or discover any of his poems but I'm on the case!


Barb said...

Robert Sanderson was my gr. grandfather, Thomas Sanderson,'s brother. The Sandersons were prominent in West Linton in the 1800's.
In 2002, Robert's gr. grandson organized a centennial tribute to Robert's death in West Linton and at that time republished one of his books of poetry from 1865.
There may be copies in the book store in West Linton, (he had some this summer when I visited West Linton for the first time), from Canada. Also his gr. grandson has copies that are available to the book store owner. I believe he has his contact information. If not he has my e-mail info.

friedaquilter said...

Thanks so much for that great feedback, Barb. I'm continually amazed with how my little blog is being read all over the world. I must go in and ask as soon as the bookshop opens up again after Christmas and the New Year and should you come to West Linton again, let me know and perhaps we could meet up!

Jan said...

I believe Robert Sanderson may have had a sister Catnarine who was married to John Steele also from West Linton. She died on the boat on the way to John's brother, James in Canada in 1867. James was my great grandfather. John and their five children arrived and John died shortly afterwards. James and his wife Isabella fostered their five children.

I would love to have more information about Catharine and her family in West Linton.

Barb said...

This Robert didn't have a sister Catherine, but I would be interested in communicating with Jan, as the name Steele is in his grandson's family and I have been told that it's possible there are more Steeles linked to the Sandersons in the earlier generations .