Friday, 27 January 2012

John Garnock and family

This picture was taken last week when the sun was shining. It's a very simply gravestone but there is a lot of text on this stone and a family history contained therein:

Katherine Graham Garnock

who died 1th January 1847

aged 17 months

interred in Glencorse

Joanna Garnock

wife of James E. Steele

who died on Friday 21 June 1889

aged thirtyfour years

death of its sting disarmed

she knew no fear

she tasted heaven e'en while she lingered here

John Garnock

died 22th Mary 1891, aged seventytwo years

for thirty siz years keeper of North Esk

reservoir, Carlops

and Barbara Wallace

his wife died at West Linton 8th Jan 1905

aged eighty seven years

Also Anne Sommerville Tod

beloved wife of William Frame

died at Harperrig mid Cal

der 26th March

1908 aged 27 years

Let her dear memory serve to make our

faith in goodnes strong

Also Sophia Bonar Garnock

died at North Esk reservoir

16th September 1919, aged 74 years

Elizabeth Garnock, died at

Silverburn, 8th August 1926

aged 76 years

On the pedestal there is another engraving, now partly covered by moss. I have a strict policy of not interfering with the gravestones so can't be sure what the full text once was. But I'm pretty sure it reads:

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

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