Tuesday, 22 November 2011

William Muir

If you refer back to the previous post you will see that this gravestone is in the middle of the 3 Muir graves.

Here is what it says:

In loving Memory


William Muir

farmer Robinsland

who died 1st April 1868, aged 40 years


Martha White

his wife, who died at Longyester

24th July 1904, aged 66 years

Also their children

John Muir

died 19th March 1857, aged 23 days

Agnes Muir

died 10th June 1883, aged 5 years

Catherine Muir

died 7th July 1863, aged 6 weeks

William Forrest Muir

died 5th February 1875, aged 8 years

and 5 months

Grace Morrison Milne

wife of James Muir

died at Glenfarg, 3rd December1929

James Muir

eldest son of William Muir

who died at Linden Lea, Peebles

26th May 1831, aged 76 years

Elizabeth Muir

died at Linden Lea, Peebles

10th March 1934.

Those who sleep in Jesus will

God bring with him.

Yet another tragic reminder of the many children who died in infancy in the 19th Century.

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