Saturday, 12 November 2011

Spitalhaugh servant

As I said in my previous post we aren't quite finished with the Spitalhaugh burial enclosure as there is a plaque located on one of the side walls, as seen above and in detail below. The text is very hard to read but I think it says the following:

In Memory of

Isabel Cairns

born 10th Sept. 1813, died 27th oct. 1883

for fiftyone years

in the service of the late

Sir William Fergusson Bar't (this stands for Baronet) of


and his family

by whom this is erected

Well done, good and faithful servant

enter thou into the joy of thy Lord
Can you imagine, of her 70 years on this earth, she spend 51 working as a servant to the same family who couldn't even resist mentioning their title on her wall tablet, as well as on every single one inside the enclosure. Talking of worldly thoughts!

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