Friday, 4 November 2011

Spitalhaugh Burial Enclosure

This is another separate building in West Linton graveyard and it is dedicated to the families living at Spittlehaugh (as it is called on the facade of this building, you'lll see different spellings too)

This is what you see when you open the cast-iron gate.

This is memorial stone for the father of most of the other people mentioned in this enclosure as you will see underneath and in future posts. It's the first stone on the left as you enter and I'm going around in a clockwise direction from this one is this and future posts.

The text reads:

To the memory of

Sir William Fergusson

Sergeant Surgeon to the Queen

1st Baron of Spitalhaugh

born 20th March 1808, died 10th February 1877

also of

Helen Hamilton Ranken

his wife

born 12th March 1806, died 19th June 1861 (she also figures on another stone in this enclosure, as per my next post to come)

and of

William Ranken Fergusson

their second son

born 25th February 1837, died 1st April 1864

Their remains are interred below

For as in Adam all die, so

in Christ shall all be made alive.

The text reads:

Helen Seymour Fergusson

youngest daugher of

Sir William Fergusson Bar't

of Spitalhaugh

born 14th February 1844, died 17th August 1938

The text on this stone reads:

Jane Porteous Fergusson

eldest daughter of

Sir William Fergusson Bar't (this means Baronet)

of Spitalhaugh

born 9th August 1838 died 16th March 1900

More about the people buried in this enclosure in the next post. I have used the spelling for Spitalhaugh as it appears on the stones but it's not consistent as you will see.

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