Friday, 25 November 2011

The Muir family gravestones 3

Time for the last of the Muir family gravestones, all located together in a group of three, as can be seen in the previous 2 posts. Normally I wouldn't feature such a relatively recent gravestone but it seemed a shame to leave it out, specially as it shows this family didn't just stay in West Linton, they got a lot further afield.

Here is the text:


loving remembrance of


Thomas Ballentine Muir

late of Sao Paolo, Brazil

born Robinsland, West Linton

died in London, 8th Dec. 1933

aged 64 years

Also of his wife, our mother

Jean Gray Dyer

born Eddleston 23rd March 1870

died Sao Paolo, Brazil, 13th July

1945, in her 74th year.

Jane Craig Dalziel Muir

daughter of William Muir

Robinsland, died at Edinburgh

14th February 1938


Which is a word that's hard to translate (from the Portuguese) but roughly means a nostalgic longing. It is more fully explained here. What a beautiful word this turned out to be. I loved reading the Wikipedia explanation and the accompying painting. You learn something new everyday and I'm so pleased to get acquainted with such a lovely expression.

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