Saturday, 26 November 2011

John White and Robert Cameron + family

A partially broken gravestone which has engravings on both sides and was renewed for more use in the 19th Century. Of course I can't be sure but I strongly suspect the Robert Cameron, mason, mentioned on the Renewed side was the original mason who did most of the later inscriptions. The engraving changes in style with the mention of his death.

The text on the oldest side of the stone states at the top:

John XXXIV - 15

.........shall turn again into dust


to the memory of

John White portioner Lindon

who died the 10th July 1718

aged 79 years


Elizabeth Donaldson

daughter of Thomas Donal

dson who died the 28th April 1842

aged 1 year and 4 months

You don't hear the word portioner a lot nowadays but it means the proprietor of a small portion of a larger piece of land. See this link.

On the other side of the stone it says:



by Robert Cameron

in memory of his mother

Elizabeth White

she died on 2th March 1855

aged 68 years. Also

Donald Cameron his father

who died on the 1st May 1861

aged 60 years

Also the above

Robert Cameron

mason, Linton, who died 23rd January

1912, aged 78 years

and who is interred immediately at the back

of this stone.

It remains a mystery how the Donaldsons mentioned on the first side of the stone were related to either the Camerons or the Whites.

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