Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Lawson Burial Monument

There are two small buildings situated within the walls of West Linton Graveyard. The first one seen above is sited to the right immediately after you enter the graveyard through the gate on the Main street and there are 2 separate compartments with individual gates as seen above.
By the way, shortly after I had taken these pictures someone (more than likely the Council, who is responsible for the upkeep of the graveyard) barred the gates with metal rods. I have the feeling there are Health and Safety issues. I'm so glad I managed to photograph everything inside before that happened!

This is the weapon set into the wall above the left-hand entry. Could it be the coat of arms of the Lawson family? I must investigate that further!.

This monument is on your immediate left as you enter the enclosure and it's as full of text as it's possible to fit onto it. Here it is in full:


Sacred to the memory of

Margaret Spottiswood Watkins

wife of

Francis Wilmer Watkins E.S.O., H.E. I.C.S.

and daughter of

the late John Lawson Esq.

of Cairnmuir

who departed this life at Conchieton in Galloway

on 11st June 1849

in the thirty-fourth year of her age

and was interred in this place.

Dearly loved and loving

as a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend

in the prime of life

she resigned all in humble faith

in the mercy of her God

through the atonement of her redeemer.

Our High affliction which is but for a

moment, worketh for us

a far more exceeding and eternal

weight of glory

While we look not at the things which are

seen but at the things

which are not seen for the things which

are seen are temporal

but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Cor.IV - 17 - 18

Sacred also

to the memory of

William Lawson

her only and beloved brother

who departed this life

at Cairnmuir Zorra, Upper Canada

on the same 11th day of June, 1847

in the thirty-sixth year of his age.

Weep ye not for the dead, neither bemoan

him, but weep sorg for him

that goeth away for he shall return

no more, nor see, his native country (Jeremiah XXII. 10)

Wherefore let them that suffer age according to the will of God commit the

keeping of their souls to him in well

doing as unto a faithful Creator

I Peter IV. 19

This is the grave monument of Margaret and William's father, set into the wall directly opposite the entrance to this little enclosure. It's difficult to read but here is what I think it says:

John Lawson Esq of Cairnmuir

who died June 1st 1834

aged 57

This stone is erected by

his affectionate widow

Janet, second daughter of

James Brown Esq. of Edmonston

Lanarkshire and relict of the

above John Lawson of Cairnmuir


21st may 1852

aged 54 years

More gravestones from this enclosure will follow in the next blogpost.

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Mim said...

Thank you for your efforts Frieda. I found the Lawson gravestones helpful. James Brown Esq of Edmonston was my husband's 4th great grandfather. Will be visiting the graveyard in April when we visit Scotland. James Brown of Edmonston had a son Adam Brown who emigrated to Australia, Adam had a daughter who moved to NZ and we live in New Zealand.
James Brown of Edmonston had a father Laurence Brown who married a Lawson as well. The lawson name was carried as middle names in successive generations.