Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Willian and John Brown

The text on this gravestone can be read clearly at the top and it says:

In Memory of

William Brown

late tenant in Ingraston who died 11th

January 1830 aged 58 years

Psalm XVI.9.

John Brown
farmer in Auchencorth who died
March 7th 1841 aged 62 years.

But according to the book Peeblesshire Monumental Inscriptions - pre 1855, compiled by Sheila A Scott, originally published in 1971 there was more text on this gravestone and it tells us that the following persons were also buried here:

Gilbert Ray, shepherd Harleymuir, died Castlelaw 20th June 1855, aged 82, his wife Mary Brown died 26th February 1856, aged 83. Also Helen Rae (their daughter) died Rutherford on the 16th April 1850 (as an infant), James Rae mert (?) Gilmerton 5th November 1887 aged 77 and his wife Rachel Martin died Gilmerton 28th May 18??, aged 63.


Linda said...

Oh-the writing on the stone is beautiful! Worth taking the photo just to see the writing.

Margaret Hamilton said...

Yes, this is indeed a beautiful stone. John Brown was my ggggggrandfather. I am so grateful to the person who noted the additional inscription as it gives me invaluable information about my gggggrandparents, Gilbert and Mary Brown and some of their children. I have visited the stone once but hope to go back soon now that I'm retired and have more time on my hands