Saturday, 8 October 2011

Skull and crossbones

Not one specific grave today but simply a view in West Linton graveyard which caught my eye today as I was wandering around photographing graves and writing down what I can read of the engraved text for this blog.

John stayed in the car while I clambered around, handbag over my shoulder, umbrella clutched in my hand, notebook in my other hand while trying to decipher and then write down the text on various stones. All this while the rain came streaming down, it was dark, damp and very, very wet underfoot. I kept slipping and losing my footing (crocs really weren't the right thing to wear today!) and still I enjoyed myself hugely.

I feel so at home in this graveyard now, the gravestones are becoming old, familiar friends and it gives me a lot of satisfaction that I'm capturing their images and text for posterity on this blog. Perhaps I'm becoming just that little bit (or maybe very!) weird in my more mature days here on earth.

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