Friday, 7 October 2011

George Graham and family

This is a large pillar shaped grave obelisk dedicated to George Graham and his family. There are inscriptions on all 4 sides of the pillar and it wasn't easy to establish the right order in which to read them, but here is what I think is all of it from the beginning. The pillar is close to the side of the graveyard facing the village green.


to the memory


George Graham who

died 10th April 1848, aged

15 years


James Graham who

died 20th June 1855 aged

33 years and

Margaret Graham

who died 23rd August 1862

aged 34 years

Also Margaret Smith

wife of Thomas Graham

who died at Fountainside

10th April 1924

aged 85 years

Also Isabella Roy

daughter of Thomas Graham

who died at Fountainside

29th March 1926

aged 65 years.

Also the memory of

Margaret Kidd

wife of

Thomas Graham

farmer Kersewell Mains

who died 25th June 1876

aged 38 years

also James Graham

their son who died at Fountainside 6th March

1903 (or 5) aged 34 years

Also the above Thomas Graham

who died

at Fountainside 13th Nov 1908

aged 84 years


to the memory

of George Graham

their father

late tenant South Mains

who died 27th Feb 1878

aged 87 years

and Elisabeth Thomson

his wife

who died 3rd Februrary 1863

aged 65 years

Also Marion Graham

their daughter died at Fountainside

20th February 1887

aged 55 years.

At the bottom is the name of the architect of this monument Michael Calvert.

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