Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wil Davidson's gravestone

I choose this grave to record today as my eye was caught by the beautiful winged soul at the top of the gravemonument. It also became my blip for today.

Here is the full inscription as far as it can still be read on the stone:

Here lyes

the body of Wil

Davidson tenant in

Stenstone who die

Febry 1792 aged

years (there is a blank here for his years on the stone)

Here lyes Marion

Stevenson spouse

to William Davidson

late tennant in

Murrays-Hall who

died April 10 1772

aged 54 years

Also here lyes Alex

ander Davidson their

oldest son late te

nant in Pauls-Well

who died the 8 day

of February 1807 aged

57 years and his wife

Barbara Stevenson

who died 11th March 1844, aged 84

There was more but it has now completely disappeared. According to Sheila Scott (see booklist in the sidebar) it then read 11.3.1844 aged 84.
I thought I was done when I finised deciphring the inscription on the front but thought I would just have a look at the back. As you can see it has a supporting iron rod but there were also more inscription, which reads as follows:

Here lyeth

the body of

Alexander Davidson

tennant in

Hallmyre who

died September

13th 1740 aged

75 years

And also Rachel

Purdie his spouse

who died January

10th day 1750

aged 68 years

Also Thomas Davidson

late tenant in Malcom

ston died July 12th 1798

aged......44 according to Sheila Scott (see booklist sidebar)

I'm afraid there was once more here too but it's now completely disappeared and there is no explanation of how or even if these Davidsons were related to those mentioned on the front of the stone.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am impressed, Frieda!! How wonderful you have started this project and thanks so much for pointing me to it. I will be following! xo lenna

Terri said...

How fascinating! I enjoyed reading all three posts. I have always found graveyards interesting. And, like you, will visit and stop and honor those who have been so long gone from this earth.
What a fab project you have begun!