Sunday, 28 August 2011

James Alexander and Janet Johnstoune

A very old stone decorated on both sides. The text reads:

Hear Lyes James

Alexander who died

the 12th Day of Sept

1718 his age 63 and

Janet Johnstoune

his spuse who died

the 24 of December 1720

her age 48 who live

d in Whitefeld

As you can tell a stone with some interesting spelling mistakes!

A detail of the winged soul (making it's way to heaven according to all the books I've so far read on the subject and thus a symbol of immortality)

And here is the back of the gravestone, adorned with skull and crossbones, a winged hour-glass (all symbols of immortality or mortality, depending on your point of view!)and the text, barely decipherable, Memento Mori.

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