Saturday, 13 August 2011

Robert Millar, Schoolmaster

I've already uploaded another schoolmaster in a previous post but this one has a far more impressive monument erected in his honour. Here is the full inscription:

In Memory of

Robert Millar

Parish Schoolmaster

of West Linton 1863 to 1893

born in Dalkeith 31st Aug 1837

died in West Linton 22nd Jan. 1909

Erected by his neighbours, former pupils

and golfing friends as a recognition of

his faithfulness in the discharge of his

cons???ny interest in the life, work of

his pupils and his tireless services to

the local golf club of which he was the founder.

And finally the following which is inscribed on the pedastal and very hard to decipher:

God can and he will make some good use of all of us

the master did his best for the bairns and when they grew up

they did not forget him

Bairns being the Scottish word for children, if you've not familiar with the term.

Robert Millar founded the West Linton Golf Course in 1890 as can be read here.

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Linda said...

he must have highly thought of to have such a monument. beautiful.