Monday, 8 August 2011

James Lewess

Time to show another gravestone from the West Linton graveyard. And it is one that proved very difficult to read. Specially the ages of the deceased gave me great trouble and I'm far from sure that I have them down correctly.

But here is the text as I think it reads:

To the Memory of

James Lewess late Merchant

Linton who died 26 August 1832

aged 45 (?) years. And of Sophia

his daughter, who died 28 Nov

1829 aged 19 (could also be 15!) years. And also of

Isabella and Sophia who died in infancy.

Also of his sons

Robert who died in 1840

and John who died in 1849.

All you can say is that no member of this family got very old, and I also wondered what happened to James Lewess' wife who is not mentioned on this gravestone although I strongly suspect she was the one who was responsible for erecting the monument.

Perhaps there was once more text and it has now completely vanished from sight.

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