Saturday, 24 March 2012

John Thomson and Margaret Kay

I have been rather neglecting this blog as there is so much to upload to my artistic and personal blog and my dial-up connection means that it all takes rather a lot of time. But this morning I was back in the West Linton graveyard to fill in more of the information on the graves I haven't uploaded previously. I found the 2 graves (see picture below) close together, both featuring members of the Thomson family. Above is the oldest gravestone of the two but the text is much easier to read than the newer one which has weathered very badly.

Here is the text for the above stone:


by John Thomson Carlops

to the memory of

Margaret Kay his spouse

who died 23rd May 1832 aged

59 years

Also the said

John Thomson

born 26th August 1773 died 15th Feb 1856

aged 83 years.

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