Sunday, 15 January 2012

Andrew Bonthron

I've neglected this blog a bit and although I've been taken more pictures and notes I've not had time to upload them. But here is another most impressive grave monument. In the background you can see the gate through which you reach the Main Street from the graveyard.

The text on this stone reads:


to the memory of

Andrew Bonthron H.D.

for twentyeight years the highly valued and

esteemed physician in West Linton and neighbourhood

who died at Dalziel Cottage, 15th February 1889, aged 51

This Monument is erected by many friends

who truly mourn him

Annie Carnegie, wife of

died 5th November 1899, aged 53 years

Andrew C. Bonthron, the son

died 16th October 1890, aged 25 years

The details in the cross are particularly fine and inspirational to a quilter!

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