Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christina Bertram and the Fraser family

This picture was not taken today (the weather was wild and windy) but in the period between Christmas and the New Year. It was very touching to see someone had left a lovely wreath on this grave monument.

The text reads:

In Memory of

Christina Bertram

wife of William Fraser

died 29th Jan (?) 1846, aged 44 years

Also Christina, his daughter

died 1oth July 1856, aged 21 years

Also Janet Brown, his wife

who died 10th Feb 1864 aged 35 years

Also Isabella, his daughter

who died 6th March 1881, aged 16 years

Also Lizzie MacGregor, wife of Richard Fraser

who died Mountaincross on the 19th June 1890, aged 27

The above William Fraser

who died at Castlelaw Glencorse

on the 3rd March 1893, aged 86 years


beloved daughter of

Marion and David Fraser

who died at Pattieshill on the

8th August 1911, aged 6 years and 9 months,

safe...............(text unreadable here)

Agnes, died 5th November 1932

aged 73 (or 78?)

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