Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Henrietta Watson

It's surprising to discover that most of the stones that have fallen over are actually more recent ones than the very old gravestones. Perhaps they made them more solidly in the olden days. This one can still be read but has fallen off its pedestal and has now been draped over that backwards. The text reads:

In memory of

Henrietta Watson

who died

at Belmore Cottage

19th March 1916

Also her niece

Bessie Watson

wife of John Rodger

died at Sydney 19th Dec 1908

Also their son

John Watson Rodger

died at Croftview 27th Nov 1905
Are the clasped hands at the top a symbol that the family reached out to each other across the distance between West Linton and Australia, or is that just a romantic notion of mine?

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