Thursday, 15 September 2011

Alexander Tod

Another of the gravestones set into the wall that runs along the Main Street in West Linton. At the top an illustration of palm fronds, an emblem of immortality.The inscription for this one reads:

In Memory of

Alexander Tod

who died at Greenend Decr 23 1885

aged 59

and his children


who died March 15 1864 aged 12


who died Augus 4 1878 aged 21


who died April 2 1880 aged 26

his wife

Euphemia McColl

who died March 24 1891 aged 65

and Alexander, their son

who died August 5 1891 aged 23

Underneath is the following engraved text:

Yet again we hope to meet them

when the day of life is fled

then in heaven we hope to greet them

where no farewell tears are shed.

This family seems to have suffered considerable tragic losses, no wonder they clung on to this text!

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