Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Robert Renton and family

Time to show the largest obelisk to be found in West Linton Graveyard and a very impressive one it is too. As is the urn on top.

The bottom of the message is now lost to time and deteriaration but there is still enough left to read and it says:



the memory of

Robert Renton Esq. of Bridgehouse

who died 21st August 1799 aged 51 years

And also here interred

John Renton his father who died 2nd Dec

1783, aged 84 and

Margaret Willison

his mother who died 14th Jan 1809 (or 7) aged 86
With brothers Thomas who died in 1780, James 1784 and

John in 1795.

Also his niece

Margaret Hotson

who died 11 (or4)th Jan 1805

aged 17 years

After that the inscription becomes unreadable.

This engraved messsage is about half way up the obelisk and hence not easy to capture. It says:

"Virtue triumphs over the Tomb". Now there is a message to take away with you! I don't know about you but it makes me want to do something particularly unvirtuous!

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