Saturday, 21 April 2012

Adam Veith and family

Another very impressive obelisk is dedicated to members of the Veitch family. The text reads:



Adam Veitch

in memory of

Robert Veith

his father who died

at Deepsykehead 23rd

June 1881 aged 65 years


Helen Lawson

his mother who died

at West Linton 1851

aged 42 years


in loving remembrance


Helen Laidlaw

his daugher who died

at West Linton 17th Sept

1900 in her 16th year


Elizabeth Fairbairn (or burn)

his wife

who died 24th Nov'r 1908

aged 57 years

The above

Adam Veith

builder West Linton

died 25th June 1924

aged 81 years

Agnes Smith

his wife died 18th July 1926

aged 70 years
And finally a detail from the top of the obelisk, beautifully carved.

On the pedastal of this obelisk is the following text:

Safely safely gathered in

No more sorrow, no more sin

God has saved from weary strive

in its dawn, this young fresh life

Which awaits us now above

resting in the Saviours love.

I'm guessing that this text refers to the death of the daughter, Helen Laidlaw. And I can only guess that her different last name means that she was married by the age of 16 when she died.

And in case you're wondering, no this picture wasn't taken today as blue skies were conspicuous by their absence! I took these about a week ago but haven't had time to upload them till now

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