Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Elizabeth Ballantine and family

The picture above was taken several days ago before the snow began to fall.
This impressive stone has the following inscriptions:

Erected in 1860

in affectionate remembrance of

Elizabeth Ballantine

eldest daughter of George Ballentine

late of Langleyhill and wife of John Alston

late of Peggy's Lea, who died at Pakes Hill

18th May 1856, aged 76 years

and of

her eldest daughter Agnes Alston

wife of Thomas R(or B?) ouch, who lies 16 feet south of this

who died at Grange 6th September 1837

aged 32 years

and of

her son Hugh Alston

who died at West Linton 23rd September 1885

aged 75 years

and of

her daughter Marion Alston

who died at Peebles 21st February 1894

aged 80 years

The righteous shall be hid in everlasting remembrance.

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